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My name is Vedran Ugrin, I am 34 years old, born in Croatia(Split) currently living in Sinj small town surrounded by Croatia’s most beautiful mountains(Dinara,Kamešnica,Svilaja) so i can say that trail running was something of a normal choice to do. I started with sports very early,football and handball occupied all of my free time until i got married and started working. A strange work shifts and a lot of other time consuming commitments made me gain weight,and since I’m a little lively 😀 i had to find something i can do whenever i find some free time. So the choice fell on running,i hate tarmac,i hate track…so i started in the woods near my house. At first i was happy to do 3-4k without stopping ,but the quitting was no option,one lead to another,lost weight,gain some endurance and my primary goal was to attempt to finish Cetina Adventure Race the longest adventure race(trekking,canyoning,kayaking,mountain biking) of that kind in Croatia…and so i forced my self to do a half marathon to see am i ready or not.And i can say I was ready…my first ever official race and i finished in 1:39:20h ,i was ecstatic the feeling was something from out of this world,but road racing was not my type of racing,that was something I had to force myself to do. Beautiful mountains surrounding me were something I always wanted to explore,and here I am now. Writing about my trail running races,and ultras that i have finished.On this blog I will write mainly in Croatian,because I want to express my self in my own words,and some words that I use cant be translated to English. 😀  If all goes well I hope to do some reviews of the equipment I use on my races and training’s ,those will be written in Croatian and English.


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